Powering Your Digital Transformation

May 19-21, San Antonio, Texas

Track agendas

Micro Focus Universe offers five tracks aligned to the major trends we see impacting our customers and partners. Each will offer customer-led sessions, in-depth workshops, product demos, and best-practice content. Build a custom "session wish list" to optimize your onsite experience. We will update this page with specific sessions as they are finalized.

Application Delivery

Software-based innovation and development continues to grow at a rapid pace to satisfy the expectation of seamless digital services. As software portfolios grow in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to plan, build, test, and deliver products at the pace the business demands. Micro Focus Application Delivery is an integrated set of solutions that facilitates automation and collaboration so organizations can achieve consistent speed and quality in their software delivery. This track focuses on key trends from Agile and DevOps and everything in between from Continuous Integration, Testing, and Delivery.  

The security and operations aspects of DevOps are covered in the Security, Risk & Governance and IT Operations Management tracks.

Application Modernization & Connectivity

Digital transformation is powering significant change, and your core systems of record are at the heart of delivering this new competitive advantage. Micro Focus enables this transformation with the lowest cost and risk—from a modernized, secure web and mobile experience, to process automation, APIs, web services, REST services, and managed code models that support composite application delivery. This track focuses on modernization across three key pillars: application, process, and infrastructure. 

Collaboration Solutions

Digital transformation allows productivity and collaboration to happen anywhere, not just in centralized office buildings and poorly-lit conference rooms. Users want a cloud-like experience where they are able to access crucial data, powerful collaboration tools, and necessary file and print services from any device so they can do their best work. Join the Micro Focus Collaboration Solutions track to hear how world-class companies and product experts are changing the landscape of modern work by providing a seamless, accessible experience to keep end-users feeling productive, and a high-security, flexible, multi-configuration experience to help administrators automate tasks, reduce costs, and do more with less. 

IT Operations Management

Today’s IT landscape is a dynamic hybrid of traditional and cloud-based technologies. Diverse, unpredictable, and constantly changing, it brings with it a new level of complexity that cannot be controlled by conventional management methods. Micro Focus can help you address the challenges and complexities of hybrid IT by reducing the friction of IT service consumption, bringing clarity to problems and resolutions, meeting demand at the speed of DevOps, and reasserting the governance role of IT. Visit this track to learn more about our IT Operations Management solutions, which make it all possible. 

Security, Risk & Governance

Enterprise security has moved to a new level of complexity: cyber security threats are still on the rise and causing tremendous damage to businesses and individuals, while compliance, governance, and privacy requirements are mounting, adding even more risk. Point solutions don’t offer the scope, vision, or cross-silo analytics needed to address these company-wide challenges. At Micro Focus, we take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most – identities, applications, and data. This track will focus on key trends such as zero trust and next-gen security operations with AI and machine learning, as well as offering solutions and best practices for improving application security and data lifecycle management.


View sessions from last year‘s Universe via the on demand platform: https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/events/universe-on-demand/overview